How NOT To Pray
Witchcraft Prayer

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Originally posted on July 18, 2016 

What Is Witchcraft Prayer?

Witchcraft is imposing your will upon another, using spiritual means. It is one of the primary weapons used by the enemy. Two other major weapons in the enemy’s arsenal are deception and ignorance. Putting all this together, an assault can be launched to cripple or destroy any believer or ministry that does not know how to stand up to such attacks.

2 Corinthians 2:11 (TLV) states, “so that we might not be outwitted by satan—for we are not ignorant of his schemes.”

This verse, in it’s context, is teaching us to not harbor unforgiveness, but rather to forgive ‘that we might not be outwitted by satan’. It also teaches us a very important principle in the statement, ‘for we are not ignorant of [satan’s] schemes’, which in essence shows us that we must at minimum be aware of how the enemy tries to entrap us. Witchcraft Prayer is one of these entrapments.

My Will Be Done

Now, let me give you a few sample prayers that imposes one’s will upon another:

  • “L-rd, I pray John will get that job in Jesus’ Name.”
  • “I claim that job for John, in Jesus Name.”
  • “We agree, in Jesus Name, that John will get that job.”

If you didn’t notice, the primary problem with prayers like this is the simple action of trying to ‘put upon’ or ‘impose’ the will of the one praying ‘onto’ the person, citation, or circumstance being prayed about. The simple fact that humans are not omniscient means that prayers like this will, at least some of the time, conflict with G-d’s Will.

How It All Began

In the Garden of Eden, the primary purpose of satan was to usurp man’s authority over the planet by tricking Adam and Eve into disobeying G-d and thus forfeiting their position over all creation. This was achieved when Satan ‘instructed’ mankind that their will can override G-d’s Will. G-d commanded them not to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, but man (after being prompted by the serpent) lifted up his own will above G-d’s Will. By this one action they declared themselves to be gods, knowing better than G-d, and imposing their own will upon that circumstance instead of obeying G-d’s Will. This same exact thing happens when we try to impose our will onto another through prayer.

The simple fact is, we don’t know if it is G-d’s Will for ‘John’ to have that job or not. We believe, with our limited information, that if ‘John’ gets that job it will be a blessing, but we really don’t know. It very well be that G-d has a better job for ‘John’, or that G-d is trying to teach ‘John’ something that we are not aware of. We just don’t know, and that’s the problem.

Satan uses logic to convince mankind to do what he wants them to do. G-d, on the other hand, simply asks us to trust Him – regardless of what we see, feel, believe, or want. Satan tries to get us to ‘use our authority’, but G-d teaches us to ask, seek, and knock.

Love Thy Neighbor

The other major reason to train ourselves to pray differently is because if we are imposing our will onto another then we are not loving our neighbor as ourselves. In essence, we are lifting ourselves up as gods (knowing better than G-d) and not loving our neighbors. We are breaking the entirety of the commandments of G-d. Is it any surprise that Satan uses this to achieve his own will over us – through our own disobedience?

When we pray our will, instead of G-d’s Will, it empowers satan. It gives satan a legal right to that circumstance, and by doing so what usually happens is it facilitates a demonic attack against the person, family, ministry, or church we are praying for. In essence, the opposite of what we are trying to accomplish will usually happen – hidden at first, but revealed later on.

For example, if we pray (in our own will) that an individual will have financial freedom, then usually what happens is the enemy is allowed to bring about financial bondage. It may look like freedom on the outside, but after the fullness of time in that circumstance it will usually turn out to be worse than before. It is not necessarily the Will of G-d for us all to have financial security. For some of us, if we did, we would put our trust in money instead of G-d.

How To Combat Witchcraft Prayer

So, how do we pray IN G-d’s Will? The simple answer is, always submit your prayers to G-d’s Will. Here’s some examples of submitting prayer to G-d’s Will:

  • “L-rd, let John get that job, but not my will, Your’s be done in Jesus’ Name.”
  • “L-rd, if it is Your Will, let that job be reserved for John in Jesus’ Name.”
  • “In Jesus Name we ask, that if it is in Your Will, let John get that job.”

By submitting everything we pray to G-d’s Will, we remove the Witchcraft Prayer weapon that the enemy so enjoys using against G-d’s people. Also note, the above prayers minimize the use of ‘I’, ‘me’, ‘we’, and ‘us’. Using personal pronouns is a way of declaring our own will. Sometimes, as in the third example above, we must use one of these words, but always do so in meekness and humility. By doing this, we minimize pride, which is another of the big weapons the enemy uses against us.


Prayer is essential, but using it to impose our own will is nothing more than Witchcraft. Always submit everything you do to the Will of G-d, and this weapon will not be available to the enemy. Most of what satan does is through our permission, or our complacency. Let us be aware of this, so that we won’t give the enemy that which is reserved for the People of G-d.