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Portion Vayetze (ויצא "He went out")
Date 25 Nov 2017 / 7 Kislev 5778
Torah Genesis 28:10-32:2
Haftarah Hosea 12:12-14:10
Brit Hadasha John 1:19-51

Vayetze (ויצא | "He went out")

Chiastic Structure

  • 1a) Gen 28:10-12, Jacob meets the angels of Adonai
    • 1b) Gen 28:13-22, Jacob’s covenant with Adonai
      • 1c) Gen 29:1-14, Jacob arrives to Laban
        • central axis) Gen 29:16-30:43, Jacob’s wives 29:16-30, children 29:31-30:26, flocks 30:27-43. Adonai fulfills His promise to Jacob.
      • 2c) Gen 31:1-24, Jacob flees from Laban
    • 2b) Gen 31:25-55, Jacob’s covenant with Laban
  • 2a) Gen 32:1-2 {p} Jacob meets the angels of Adonai

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