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Portion Va'eira
Date 13 Jan 2018 / 26 Tevet 5778
Torah Exodus 6:2-9:35
Haftarah Ezekiel 28:25-29:21
Brit Hadasha Romans 9:14-33



Adonai reveals Himself to Moses and initiates the four expressions of redemption:

  1. He promises to lead the Children of Israel out of Egypt
  2. Deliver them from bondage
  3. Redeem them
  4. Take them as His own people at Mount Sinai.

He then will then bring them to the land He promised to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

Moses and Aaron come before Pharaoh and relay Adonai’s command that Pharaoh let His people go, that they may worship Him. Pharaoh responds as Adonai told Moses he would by hardening his heart and refusing to let Israel go. Moses staff becomes a serpent and devourers the magicians staffs which did the same, and after Pharaoh still refused to let Israel go then Adonai sent seven out of the ten plagues.

  1. The Nile turned to blood
  2. Frogs swarmed and overrun the land
  3. Lice (or gnats, not clear in Hebrew) infest man and beast
  4. Flies (wild animals in Hebrew) invade the cities
  5. Livestock die
  6. Boils afflict the Egyptians
  7. Fire and Ice fall on Egypt

During all the plagues the Children of Israel were not effected. They had water, the frogs, lice, flies, don’t invade their houses. Their livestock lived, they didn’t have boils, and the fire and ice didn’t fall on Israel.

Key: As long as Israel separated themselves from Egypt, the plagues didn’t touch them.


  1. Exodus 6:2–13
  2. Exodus 6:14–28
  3. Exodus 6:29–7:7
  4. Exodus 7:8–8:6
  5. Exodus 8:7–18
  6. Exodus 8:19–9:16
  7. Exodus 9:17–35

Haftarah and Brit Hadasha Readings:

  • Ezekiel 28:25-29:21
  • Romans 9:14-33



  • Exodus 6:14 - The Genealogy of Moses and Aaron
  • Exodus 6:28 - Moses and Aaron Obey God’s Commands
  • Exodus 7:8 - Aaron’s Miraculous Rod
  • Exodus 7:14 The First Plague: Water Turned to Blood
  • Exodus 8:1 The Second Plague: Frogs
  • Exodus 8:16 The Third Plague: Gnats
  • Exodus 8:20 The Fourth Plague: Flies
  • Exodus 9:1 The Fifth Plague: Livestock Diseased
  • Exodus 9:8 The Sixth Plague: Boils
  • Exodus 9:13 The Seventh Plague: Thunder and Hail


  • Ezekiel 28:25 - Future Blessing for Israel
  • Ezekiel 29:1 - Proclamation against Egypt
  • Ezekiel 29:17 - Babylonia Will Plunder Egypt

Brit Hadasha

  • Romans 9:14-33 - God who shows mercy


Heads of Houses

Heads of Houses


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