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Torah Portion 14 – Va’era
וארא ("I / He appeared ")

Moses and Aaron come before Pharaoh and relay Adonai’s command that Pharaoh let His people go, that they may worship Him. Pharaoh responds as Adonai told Moses he would by hardening his heart and refusing to let Israel go. Moses staff becomes a serpent and devourers the magicians staffs which did the same, and after

Torah Portion 13 – Shemot
The Book of Exodus

Shemot (שמות) is both the title for the second book from the scroll of the Torah and the title of the first Torah portion therein. Shemot means “names.” The English-speaking world calls this book Exodus. The Hebrew title for the book comes from the opening phrase of the book: “Now these are the names (shemot)

Torah Portion 12 – Vayechi
(He lived — ויחי)

The last reading from the book of Genesis is named Vayechi (ויחי), which means "and he lived." The title comes from the first verse of the reading, which says, "Jacob lived in the land of Egypt seventeen years" (Genesis 47:28). In this Torah portion, Jacob prepares for his death by securing a double portion of

Torah Portion 11 – Vayigash
(ויגש "He Drew Near")

Vayigash | ויגש | "He Drew Near" Judah approaches Joseph to plead for the release of Benjamin, offering himself as a slave to the Egyptian ruler in Benjamin’s stead. Upon witnessing his brothers’ loyalty to one another, Joseph reveals his identity to them. “I am Joseph,” he declares. “Is my father still alive?”

Torah Portion 10 – Miketz
Study Notes

Genesis 41:1 (TLV) 1 Now at the end of two whole years, Pharaoh was dreaming. Behold, there he was standing by the Nile. Ecclesiastes 3:1 (TLV) 3 For everything there is a season and a time for every activity under heaven: Season - H2165 - זְמָן zᵉmân, zem-awn'; from H2163; an appointed occasion:—season, time.

Torah Portion 9 – Vayeshev
(וישב | He Settled)

This week’s Torah portion begins with the account of the 17-year-old boy named Joseph. His father Israel (Jacob) loved him more than all his other sons, and this made his brothers jealous and envious of Joseph’s standing with his father.

Torah Portion 8 – Vayishlach
(וישלח | "He sent")

This concept of faith that is portrayed in the first two thirds of the Bible is not a new concept. When you go through the Scriptures about faith in the Brit Hadasha (New Testament) you’ll find that they echo the concept of faith that is demonstrated in the Tanakh.

Torah Portion 7 – Vayetze
(ויצא | "He went out")

Chiastic Structure 1a) Gen 28:10-12, Jacob meets the angels of Adonai 1b) Gen 28:13-22, Jacob’s covenant with Adonai 1c) Gen 29:1-14, Jacob arrives to Laban (central axis) Gen 29:16-30:43, Jacob’s wives 29:16-30, children 29:31-30:26, flocks 30:27-43. Adonai fulfills His promise to Jacob. 2c) Gen 31:1-24, Jacob flees from Laban 2b) Gen 31:25-55, Jacob’s covenant with

Torah Portions 4-6
In the Hospital

Due to my chronic health problems, I was not able to publish studies for the last four portions. I spent October 31 – November 14th in the hospital. Adonai willing, we’ll have a study this upcoming week. Missed Portions Torah Portion 3 – Lech Lecha 28 Oct 2017 8 / Heshvan 5778 Genesis 12:1-17:27 Isaiah 40:27-41:16