August Prayer Requests


  • Post your public prayer requests here by adding a new comment below.
  • Private and Anonymous prayer requests may be sent to prayer [at]
  • Make sure to pray for the prayer requests listed below before you leave.
  • Pray about joining our Prayer Team.

Remember, always submit your prayers to the Father by humbling yourself and submitting to His Will. (i.e., pray, "... Your Will be done." See, Matthew 6:9-13)

Sometimes, we go through hard times because it is ultimately for our good, but most often we will not see the good in it until it is over. So, don't pray 'against' things, rather, pray for Mercy, Grace (Favor), and His Will be done.


Prayer Requests

If you don't know already, I've been diagnosed with gastroparesis, which is a serious and extremely painful problem with my GI tract. I am specifically asking you to pray for me as follows:

  1. The Father's Will be done.
  2. If it is His Will, to heal me.
  3. That He may make a way for me to continue working this ministry on a regular basis (i.e. weekly).

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