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This last week has been challenging. It started off okay, but then everything went askew. It’s like riding a horse who starts off with a gentle gate and ends up running full bore while jumping and weaving to avoid obstacles. No matter how hard I hold on, I still can’t keep myself upright in the saddle.
It’s been a long week. A very long week. After fighting the flu (on top of my other chronic health problems), I spent most of my time working on the web site. The thing about doing this kind of work is this: 80-90% of it is not visible. It’s all code and server work. In other words, one works and works, day after day, with nothing visible to show for it.
On this day, when I am so exhausted and weary, I find it serendipitous to stumble upon a couple of scriptures that speak directly to me in my current circumstances. I am working so hard on this web site so that I will have a useful and professional platform for communicating what the Father has shown me in the last few years. 
I’ve spent the day ironing out all the wrinkles and focusing on the details of the website design. Getting the groundwork done is essential to maintaining a website that is with visiting and revisiting from time to time. Noticing and embracing the detail work of a project is something I tend to well, but it does manage to be a taxing chore.
Praise Abba for allowing me to be physically able to fix this website and the server that hosts it. It’s perfect timing! I’ve been working on fixing this site and server for the last two days. Usually, I wouldn’t have been able to do this in such a timely manner, but Abba worked it out so that I could be here to fix it.